The flames
 created by Mr Cheal
represent the Holy Spirit,
the part of God that lives within us.
The Holy Spirit guides and Supports us as we live out the values of the christian faith.
The Knight
created by Lucy Cannell
represents courage
" A knight is brave and shows strength which is All part of courage."
The hands
created by Sian Stroud
represent Equality.
"The clasped hands show two people respecting each other and seeing no difference. It shows that all people should be treated the same".
The Cross
Created by Hannah Colebourn
 Represents Forgiveness
"I chose the cross as it is a symbol of forgiveness.
Jesus died on the cross to forgive us for our sins"
The Dove
 Created by Brodie Woodward
Represents Peace
 "I chose the dove from the school badge.
People recognise  the dove as a symbol of peace."


is the centre of the Christian faith.
The phrase " Do all things with love"
reminds us that love should influence every action we take and every word we speak
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